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Our reason for change.

You deserve your bank to do all it can in regards to online security. To that end Citizens Bank will be implementing a new website that uses the .BANK domain. Citizens Bank has decided to migrate from a .COM domain to the more secure .BANK domain.

The current website will still function for a few weeks in tandem with the new site. After such time the current website will be shutdown and we request that you use the new site. So please kindly take a few minutes to read below about what .BANK means and to familiarize yourself with the new website.


Why is .BANK more secure?

 .BANK domains prove that Citizens Bank has prioritized and enhanced our cybersecurity against phishing and spoofing, the leading causes of breaches, identity theft and financial fraud. A .BANK is like .GOV and .EDU, but for the banking sector. By looking for a .BANK at the end of a website you can confirm they are authentically from a bank. This helps protect you from cyberattacks that steal your personal information and login credentials.

Only Verified banks are allowed to use the .BANK domain. This means when you see a domain which ends in .BANK, you can be assured that you are dealing with a legitimate, verified financial institution.

The additional security measures needed during the verification process help identify and deny the right to obtain a .BANK domain to cybercriminals.


What are the enhanced security requirements in .BANK?

  • Validation of charter and license for financial entities to ensure the organization requesting the domain is legitimate.
  • The use of a service called DNSSEC to ensure that users are landing on actual websites and not being misdirected to malicious ones.
  • To make any changes to the registration of the domain, there is a multi-factor authentication required and can only be made by authorized persons.
  • The use and validation of strong encryption to ensure security of communication to and from the domain
  • Proxy and Privacy registration servers are prohibited to ensure full disclosure of domain Registration information so cybercriminals cannot hide.